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"Sell It and They Will Come" - NJArts compiles and curates Springsteen's personalized promo videos

April 21, 2024

Our friend Jay Lustig at has been doing a commendable job in continuing to compile and curate all of the fun little promo videos that Bruce Springsteen has been posting on his social-media for each upcoming 2024 tour-date. Ever since the 2024 tour began last month in Phoeniz, AZ, Springsteen has issued a brief, personalized promo video for each individual show, usually a few days before the show will take place. Sometimes appearing alone and sometimes accompanied by members of the E Street Band, Bruce usually delivers some funny lines or a bit tailored to the local market, and then humorously promises (or even good-naturedly threatens) to "rock...into the ground" (or a variation thereof) all who plan to attend that upcoming show.

Jay has been compiling and curating the videos on a dedicated page at his website, updating the page as each new video is issued, and, as he writes, "will continue to do so, for as long as Springsteen keeps making them." It's great to have one centralized location where every promo video can be found easily and quickly.

The two most recent videos, filmed to promote last Thursday's Syracuse, NY show and tonight's Columbus, OH show (the final stop for the 2024 tour's first U.S. leg before starting the 2024 European leg in early May,) are the first to be officially credited to Springsteen's sister (and professional photographer) Pam Springsteen. Whoever filmed any of the previous videos is currently uncredited, but they all have the feel of something loose, personal, and fun that you'd cook up with your sister and maybe some of your friends.

Click here to read Jay Lustig's "Greetings from wherever he is: Springsteen’s video postcards from road" at And it'll be interesting to see whether these promo videos continue to be issued for the tour's upcoming European leg. If they do, don't be surprised if you decide to bookmark Jay's page for a few extra smiles and laughs on a regular basis.


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