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New Bruce movie-music for SHE CAME TO ME is available now, before the film hits theaters next week

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

September 29, 2023

The soundtrack-album for writer-director Rebecca Miller's quirky romantic-comedy She Came To Me, starring Peter Dinklage, Anne Hathaway, and Marisa Tomei, is now officially available. It includes a sweet new ballad written and recorded by Bruce Springsteen entitled "Addicted to Romance." The Springsteen track is currently available for purchase only by buying the entire soundtrack album. (CORRECTION: The track is now available for purchase as a single, standalone track - credited to "Bruce Springsteen & Patti Scialfa" - without purchasing the entire soundtrack album. Click here for purchasing options.)

An official VEVO lyric-video also is now available, and we have it for you right here:

Springsteen's song gets its title from a line spoken by one of the film's characters, and it plays over the film's closing credits. "Addicted to Romance" was produced by Ron Aniello and The National's Bryce Dessner, who also composed She Came To Me's score as well as all of the diegetic opera heard in the film that is "composed" by Peter Dinklage's character.

Bruce's lead vocal is backed beautifully by Patti Scialfa, multi-tracked. Additional production info for "Addicted to Romance:"

Orchestrated by Bryce Dessner

Keyboards: Ron Aniello

Trombone: Benjamin Lanz

Trumpet: Kyle Resnick

Orchestra conducted by André de Ridder

Violins 1: Perceval Gilles (solo), Doriane Gable, Mathieu Handschoewercker, Clara Jaszczyszyn

Violins 2: Gaëlle-Anne Michel, Thibaut Maudry, Stéphanie Padel, Elsa Moattie

Violas: Sarah Chenaf, Benachir Boukatem, Marine Gandon

Cellos: Thomas Durand, Barbara Lelièvre, Pablo Tognan

Double Bass: Odile Simon

Flute: Gladys Avignon

Oboe: Philibert Perrine

Clarinet: Amaury Viduvier

Bassoon: Rafael Angster

Horns: Nicolas Ramez, Solène Souchères

Trumpet: Javier Rossetto

Recorded at Stone Hill Studio, New Jersey, 3 September 2022

Recording Engineer: Rob Lebret

Mixing Engineer: David Chalmin

Mastering Engineer: Martyn Heyne

Click here to read Variety's exclusive February 2023 report on how Rebecca Miller came to have "Addicted to Romance" close her film. And we'll have much more right here on She Came To Me and "Addicted to Romance," in our in-depth report/review from Letters To You's contributing writer and film-scholar Caroline Madden, once the film hits theaters next weekend beginning on Friday October 6.


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