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Let the speculation begin - Springsteen & the ESB back onstage, with postponed dates reset for 2025

June 12, 2024

As we post this, Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band are back onstage, performing the first of three scheduled concerts in Madrid, Spain after being forced to postpone four shows under doctor's directions, due to Springsteen's recent vocal issues. All four postponed shows also have been rescheduled, with the new dates recently announced as follows:

These four rescheduled shows, of course, are the first Springsteen/E Street Band concerts to be confirmed officially for the spring/summer of 2025. They strongly indicate, however, yet another full-scale visit to European concert venues next year.

Will Bruce and the E Streeters perform another full schedule of European shows for the third year in a row built around the same basic set of material they've been performing since 2023, with their sets' most recent studio-recorded material coming from 2020's Letter to You and 2022's Only The Strong Survive - Covers, Vol. 1? Or might there be some additional options from which they could draw by then, in the form of a new album of newly written/recorded material, a second covers album, and/or one or more collections of older but previously unreleased material? And will those 2025 European dates also be preceded by long-anticipated Australia/New Zealand dates earlier that year, as well as possibly even some more U.S. ballpark/stadium shows after Europe '25?

Only time will tell for sure, fellow Springsteen fanatics. When it comes to answering such enticing questions, not even Madam Marie's fortune-telling could help us right now. Nevertheless, we hope everyone still has some fun speculating and anticipating while we wait for all to be revealed in due course.


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