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"I'm just a devil with love to spare..." - Happy Halloween from Letters To You!

October 31, 2023

@ Linvilla Orchards' Pumpkinland; Delaware County, PA - (Letters To You's home base!) - photo by Shawn Poole

Hmm... That Jersey Devil pictured above looks VERY familiar, doesn't he? He definitely reminds us of someone, but we'll be damned (to eternity?) if we know exactly who that'd be. Oh, well; Happy Halloween, everyone, and watch out for The Jersey Devil, who - as the grave-marker in the above photo notes - has been known to haunt not just New Jersey but, beginning in 1909, Letters To You's home state of Pennsylvania (and its home county of Delaware County, even,) along with many other parts unknown since then. In fact, he just might be visiting YOUR neck of the woods this very evening...


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