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Happy Birthday, Mister "74 Years Young!"

September 23, 2023

Baby-photo from the collage in the photographs section of BORN TO RUN (the autobiography) by Bruce Springsteen; cropped photo of Bruce taking the stage @ Foxborough, MA on 8-26-2023 by Barry Schneier (used with permission)

Well, it's past midnight on 9-23-2023 in New Jersey (where the state's celebrating its first-ever official Bruce Springsteen Day,) so...Happy 74th Birthday, Bruce! Best wishes for many, many more happy birthdays ahead, too.

And here to mark the occasion appropriately is a very special song for the birthday boy. Amazingly, it sounds like it was written especially for you on this day, Bruce, though in reality it originally was written by Tom Hambridge and Gary Nicholson for blues legend Buddy Guy, who recorded it (and released it on a Grammy-winning, blues-and-rock-charts-topping album coincidentally entitled Living Proof) back in 2010 when he was "74 Years Young:"

By the way, Birthday Boy Bruce, can't you just hear yourself and the E Street Band delivering one tasty, nasty cover of this scorcher when you're back on stage at last? It could even make a fine addition to ...Covers, Vol. 2, eh? Oh, and speaking of fineness, the now-87-years-young Buddy Guy and his band also will be playing in Red Bank, NJ next Saturday night. Just sayin'...

In any case, Happy Birthday, Bruce, and thanks for all of the great music over the years, including this year, of course. We hope you continue to recover, feel better ASAP, and keep that great music comin' for many more years to come. To paraphrase what Buddy Guy sings in "74 Years Young," when it comes to lovin' you, we ain't ever done.


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