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"...a Jersey girl, through and through..." - official video of Patti Scialfa's NJ HoF induction

October 31, 2023

Below is The New Jersey Hall of Fame's Facebook reel of official pro-shot video highlights from last Sunday night's 15th Annual Induction Ceremony, including - beginning at the 11:44 mark - complete video of Patti Scialfa's induction (her second induction, officially, as we reported previously,) with Bruce Springsteen's full induction speech followed by Scialfa's Hall of Fame bio-video and her full acceptance speech. Immediately after all of that is the evening's concluding musical number. The house band performed the Joe Cocker arrangement of The Beatles' "With A Little Help From My Friends," eventually joined by Patti Scialfa, Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Van Zandt (who was there to induct Sopranos creator David Chase,) and... I can't believe I see... fellow Hall of Famer Tony Orlando singing right along with them!

Our friend Jay Lustig at also has posted transcriptions of both Bruce's and Patti's speeches. Click here to read them, and click here to read Jay's transcription of Stevie Van Zandt's induction speech for David Chase.


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