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Happy Birthday and many more to Mighty Max cool cat, onstage and off

Even one of the coolest drummers on the planet occasionally needs a bit of help from his bandleader to cool off - Vienna 7-18-2023 official concert photo by Rob DeMartin; used with permission

April 13, 2024

Best wishes for a happy 73rd birthday, and many, many more happy birthdays ahead, to one of the coolest drummers on the planet... Mighty Max Weinberg, of course. Just how cool is Max? Even "The Fonz," The King of Cool himself, dug The Mighty One after recently watching him in action in L.A....

Aaaaaaaay! Now THAT's cool! Happy Birthday, Max, and many more. Thanks for continuing to bring the power, AND the finesse, AND the expertise, AND the emotion, AND the dedication... night after night after night after night.


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