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Sittin' around talkin' 'bout the old times of 2023, on the Set Lusting Bruce podcast

December 28, 2023

As 2023 began drawing to its inevitable close, our friend Jesse W. Jackson of Set Lusting Bruce: A Bruce Springsteen Podcast invited a panel of fellow Springsteen fans for an in-depth 90-minutes discussion, reviewing and analyzing the ups and downs of this year for fans of Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band. On the panel with Jesse moderating: film-scholar, writer/editor, and Letters To You contributor Caroline Madden, writer Joyce Millman, and Letters To You editor/publisher Shawn Poole.

Click the embedded YouTube link below to hear - and see - everybody, courtesy of the Set Lusting Bruce YouTube channel. We got to touch upon pretty much every major Springsteen-related event of 2023, except for the latest archival-series "Christmastime surprise extra" release, which hadn't yet been announced/released when we recorded this conversation back on December 11 (though we did speculate a bit as to whether it'd happen again this year.)

Thanks, Jesse, and Happy New Year, everybody! Overall, 2023 still was another great year to be a Springsteen fan, and 2024 is looking to be even better...


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