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"We'll be back soon." - Springsteen postpones remaining September shows upon medical advisement

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

September 7, 2023

After being forced by illness to postpone two scheduled Philly shows in mid-August, but then delivering a set of strong and extremely well-received concerts with the E Street Band for his Boston- and Jersey-area fans, it seemed that Bruce Springsteen was fully recovered and back to rockin' on all cylinders. Unfortunately, his doctors - who've been treating him for symptoms of peptic ulcer disease - have decided otherwise, and have recommended that he postpone the remainder of his scheduled September gigs with the E Street Band.

Disappointing news, for sure, but of course we're also very glad to know that Bruce is listening to the docs and doing what is best for his health at this time. Here's hoping that he'll be fully recovered as quickly as possible, and that he and the E Street Band will be back onstage together delivering more great performances beginning in early November, when their tour is scheduled to resume, starting with a series of shows in Canada.


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