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Focusing on Springsteen as songwriter in E Street Radio's latest episode of LEGENDARY E STREET BAND

November 13, 2023

This month's edition of E Street Radio's Legendary E Street Band focuses on the band-leader's Hall-of-Fame-level songwriting prowess. The show's host (and Letters To You contributor) Greg Drew spends almost an hour-and-a-half discussing and playing only recordings of songs written by Bruce Springsteen, surveying multiple decades of Springsteen having continued to create combinations of music and words that connect deeply with multiple generations of listeners.

And that's just Part One! In this episode, Greg explores Bruce's songwriting only from the early seventies through the early nineties. Next month's episode will continue the exploration through to the present.

The episode debuted this morning, with re-airings scheduled throughout this week as follows:

Tuesday, November 14 at 4pm ET

Wednesday, November 15 at 8am ET

Thursday, November 16 at 6pm ET

Friday, November 17 at 9am ET

Saturday, November 18 at 5pm ET

SiriusXM subscribers soon will be able to listen to this episode on-demand/online, as well, via the SiriusXM app.


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