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New E Street Radio episode of LEGENDARY E STREET BAND: Springsteen as songwriter, part 2

December 10, 2023

Our friend and contributor Greg Drew continues his exploration of Bruce Springsteen's songwriting skills on his monthly E Street Radio show Legendary E Street Band. Following up on last month's episode, which focused on Springsteen's songwriting from the beginning of his career through the early nineties, this month's episode continues the exploration from the mid-nineties up to the present.

As Greg notes at the beginning of the show, "you can be a terrific singer and have a versatile and kick-ass band but let's face it - it all begins with the song...The last show featured the early part of Bruce's career, so this episode will concentrate on the second half, and, as before, I'm gonna play some of my personal favorite songs - some studio recordings, some live, some expected versions, and hopefully a few pleasant surprises."

The episode will debut on SiriusXM Channel 20 tomorrow morning, Monday December 11, at 10am ET, with re-airings scheduled throughout the week as follows:

Tuesday, December 12 at 4pm ET

Wednesday, December 13 at 8am ET

Thursday, December 14 at 6pm ET

Friday, December 15 at 9am ET

Saturday, December 16 at 5pm ET

SiriusXM subscribers will be able to listen to this episode on-demand/online, as well, via the SiriusXM app.


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