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OFFICIALLY RELEASED TODAY: Zach Bryan's "Sandpaper," featuring Bruce Springsteen (Listen here.)

July 4, 2024

Zach Bryan's latest album, The Great American Bar Scene, was released today. It features the studio version of "Sandpaper," recorded with Bruce Springsteen. "Sandpaper" is one of two songs that Springsteen performed with Bryan at Bryan's March 27 Barclays Center concert in New York. ("Sandpaper" also is one of two songs on Bryan's new album with a Springsteen connection. In addition to Springsteen's contribution to "Sandpaper,"The Great American Bar Scene's title track name-checks Springsteen's "State Trooper.") Below you can listen to Zach Bryan's newly released recording of "Sandpaper," featuring Bruce Springsteen:


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