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No foolin'; Springsteen's 2nd appearance on CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM is comic-acting gold (spoiler-free)

Updated: Apr 4

Springsteen on the latest episode of CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM - photo by John Johnson/HBO; used w/ permission

April 2, 2024

Bruce Springsteen's second (and, given that it's the penultimate episode of what Larry David promises will be the series' final season, maybe final) appearance on the latest episode of HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm is hilarious, and well worth the thirty-five minutes or so you'll spend watching it. The latest episode, which dropped on Easter Sunday and is entitled "Ken/Kendra," is the ninth episode of the series' twelfth season, and it links up to Springsteen's first appearance on the show in this season's second episode, "The Lawn Jockey" (about which we previously reported here.) In both episodes, Springsteen plays a version of himself, as do Larry David and most of the show's celebrity guest-stars, in a comically altered "reality" setting.

In "The Lawn Jockey," Springsteen was seen just briefly as some of the show's characters watched him on television, praising a recent action by Larry David that was perceived widely as heroic. In "Ken/Kendra," however, Springsteen now wants to meet David in person, because he remains so impressed by David's supposed bravery and heroism. "Ken/Kendra" is very much centered around this meeting, with Springsteen's screen-time in the episode much longer than his screen-time in "The Lawn Jockey."

And that's all we're telling you, and all you really need to know, even if you don't watch Curb Your Enthusiasm regularly, in order to enjoy Springsteen's dryly comic performance here. If you dug some of the similarly dry comic turns he's taken onstage in his concert performances of the past, especially in something like Springsteen On Broadway, then this is very much up your alley. Click here for more information on viewing options for Curb Your Enthusiasm.


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