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Little Steven in Little Eden: Van Zandt's visit to Asbury Park's MLK Middle School

March 1, 2024

above: Chris Jordan and Doug Hood's Asbury Park Press video-report

The latest result of that collaboration occurred this past Tuesday, when TeachRock's founder and chief ambassador, Stevie Van Zandt himself, visited Asbury Park, NJ's Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School. Stevie met with groups of students and teachers, with discussions and dialogue centered around music's role in fighting racism, as well as fostering students' emotional and mental well-being with TeachRock's Harmony Student Wellness Program.

As TeachRock's Executive Director Bill Carbone later wrote about this visit, in a statement to TeachRock's supporters, "What I love about Stevie Van Zandt and the whole TeachRock staff is our shared deep-rooted feeling that every single kid is worthy of our love, deserves a chance to be heard, to thrive, and to grow up and into a meaningful, fulfilling life. We can only play a small part in that project, but I'm sure glad we get to do what we can. I could talk for a day about the intricacies of our work, how we design curricula, how it aligns with standards and goals, etc. But really, it all comes down to love. When it's working, it's so obvious and wonderful. If you’re reading this and you’re a teacher, thank you for getting out there day after day to guide these kids as they grow. If you’re reading this and you’ve supported TeachRock, thank you for putting love front and center in so many U.S. classrooms."

If you'd like to start off your weekend feeling at least a bit better about the human race and our future prospects, click here to read our friend Chris Jordan's full Asbury Park Press report on this week's TeachRock visit to Asbury Park's Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School, accompanied by Doug Hood's beautiful photos and video. You'll be very glad that you did.


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